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Let us show you the magic, culture and natural wonders of Central America and its people.

Explore Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize and Guatemala and discover a world where the next adventure is just steps away. This is your vacation playground where you create your own personal journey that can take you from the volcanic beaches of the Pacific to the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean Sea.

A beach vacation is just the beginning. Explore the rich history of antient civilizations that have inspired the local culture, culinary scenes and colorful colonial towns.

Let the explorer in you connect with locals and discover unexpected moments that will build towards an incredible vacation as you uncover the secrets of Central America.
Whether you are scuba diving the Blue Hole, ziplining through a jungle canopy or rappelling down waterfalls, Belize is packed with adventure.
Guatemala can be as diverse as you want it to be for your next vacation. From its beaches, to its mountainous interior and magical Mayan culture.
Awaken the explorer in you, with jungles holding secrets of past Mayan cultures, to colonial towns, cobblestone villages and incredible culinary experiences.
Nicaragua, “The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes”, is without a doubt one of the most tranquil and relaxing destinations you will ever visit.

Trip Ideas

Wildlife Viewing

Trip Idea

Pristine nature and wildlife viewing opportunities await you.
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Surfing & Water Sports

Trip Idea

Catch a wave, cruise lakes and rivers or dare to explore life beneath the waves
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Hiking & Adventure

Trip Idea

Central America offers unparallel hiking and outdoor experiences
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Explore Volcanos

Trip Idea

Take hiking to new levels and climb to the top of majestic volcanoes
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Experience Local Culture

Trip Idea

Immerse yourself in rich local history, traditions and flavors
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Discover Ancient Mayan Culture

Trip Idea

Uncover the archeology, history and secrets of the Mayan culture
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Culinary Adventures

Trip Idea

A rich fusion of indigenous, African and Spanish cuisine
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Beautiful Lakes

Trip Idea

Explore by water and discover serene lakes and charming towns
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Beach Destinations

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Unspoiled, pristine and secret beaches are waiting to be discovered
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Ancient Towns

Trip Idea

Colorful colonial towns holding secrets from past civilizations
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Central America offers regular flights with excellent prices and itineraries that connect the whole region.

Getting around

Central America presents us with different ways of traveling within the region: international flights between the main airports in Central America, intraregional bus services, short distance taxis, and rental vehicles.


As a general rule, in all countries of Central America, with the exception of Costa Rica, the US dollar is widely accepted.


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