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The Cochino Cays Marine Sanctuary consists of a group of islands, Cayo Mayor and Cayo Menor, and 13 smaller cays or atolls (sandbanks) of coral origin, located 30 kilometers northeast of La Ceiba, on the north coast of Honduras, and 45 kilometers from Roatán. In Cayo Menor there is a scientific research station and a visitor center, which provides information on the rules of use and behavior of the Marine Natural Monument. The laws prohibit all types of commercial fishing, nets and traps within the marine park.

The cays’ flora and fauna are more related to the mainland than to the bay islands. They are surrounded by sandy beaches, optimal for the nesting of the Carey sea turtle (Hawksbill). Among its terrestrial fauna, the Cochino Cays Boa, famous for its pink coloration, is famous. The vegetation of both cays is shrubby, and is in excellent condition. These cays are also famous for the abundance of their fishing. Their coral reefs are modest, and do not form a continuous barrier around the cays.

Some of the cays or atolls are privately owned, and in one of them there is a community of Garífuna fishermen where you can have lunch, and enjoy a tasty fish fried in coconut oil, accompanied with rice and beans, and banana slices. You can also enjoy the famous drink prepared with roots, leaves and bark of plants and liquor that has medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. Moreover, you can buy handicrafts made in your presence. In front of the cay you can enjoy a swim, and at the same time snorkel in its crystal-clear waters. If you want to spend more time in this paradise, you can stay at the hotel in Cayo Mayor.



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