The name Iximché is composed of two parts, Ixim, which means corn, and Chée, tree, “Corn Tree”. The architectural vestiges that we see in the present are remains of palaces, squares and Mayan ball games that in their time were decorated in a colorful way and were galas of the kingdom.

Much of the structures were destroyed during the conquest and the rock buildings dismantled to use their stones in Spanish constructions of Tecpán. Additionally it has a museum of valuable attraction.

Iximché located in Tecpán, Chimaltenango, where the Mayans founded their last capital specifically of the cakchiqueles.



Due to its towering volcanoes and majestic lakes, Nicaragua truly deserves the descriptive nickname of “The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.”
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Guatemala can be as diverse as you want it to be for your next vacation. From its beaches in the Caribbean coast, to the surf of the Pacific, its mountainous interior, Mayan culture and ruins to its charming colonial towns and heritage and not to mention a culinary scene waiting to be discovered.
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Welcome to Belize in the north of Central America, untamed and pristine nature is waiting to be discovered. Belize offers the best of both worlds; you can jump into the Caribbean Sea and experience some of the best beaches in the world or explore the untamed jungles of Central America. Belize is small, but it is packed with islands, culture and adventure.
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Honduras truly is an overlooked and hidden gem in Central America. Discover the white sand beaches of the Caribbean Sea, bordered by world's second-largest barrier reef. Here you will find amazing islands, including the famous beaches and island life of Roatán.
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