Chinandega, known as the City of Oranges, is located in the department of Chinandega, in the western Pacific region of Nicaragua. Chinandega is considered the second region with the greatest economic strength after Managua, recognized for the fertility of its soils and its high level of agricultural production. Its name in Nahuatl has several interpretations, among them the one of Chinamitl-tacalt or “place surrounded by reeds”. In line with the old colonial style, the city is organized around a main square and the beautiful colonial parish of Our Lady of Santa Ana, the most important temple in the city.

The department of Chinandega stands out both for its coastal area, and its volcanic chain, in addition to RAMSAR declared wetlands of international importance, such as the Delta del Estero Real Natural Protected Reserve. It is a destination of nature, sun and beach, combined with adventure, where protected areas full of biodiversity and geo-diversity stand out.

The San Cristobal Volcano, the highest in the country with 1,783 meters above sea level, is among the adventure attractions offered by the department of Chinandega. This volcano is one of the most popular and visited in the country, often emitting gases, and sometimes presenting seismic activity. Another important attraction is the Cosiguina Volcano, one of the last wildlife refuges on the Pacific slope. In the volcano, there are endangered species such as the scarlet macaw and the yellow-naped parrot, and you can admire its famous crater lake formed as a result of the eruption and collapse of the volcano. Other natural attractions in Chinandega are the Estero Padre Ramos, Maderas Negras Island, La Tigra or Venice Island, Estero Real, Apacunca Genetic Resources Reserve, and El Cardón Island, among others.

To enjoy the sun and the beach you can visit the islets of Cosiguina, Punta San José, Jiquilillo beach, Punta Ñata beach, Santa María del Mar beach, and Paso Caballo beach, among others.



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