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Tela was founded in 1534 and declared a municipality in 1876. Yet, Tela thrived due to the banana activity with the installation of the Tela Rail Road Co. in what is now the Villas Telamar hotel complex, where you can still appreciate the type of architecture introduced by the company.

Tela is located in the bay bearing the same name, and framed by the Jeannette Kawas Park, where you will find the Túnel del Amor or Tunnel of Love; Puerto Escondido or Laguna Azul; and, Punta Izopo, with vegetation very typical of these coastal areas. Tela is surrounded by Garífuna communities that came from Punta Gorda in Roatán, where we now find the community of Triunfo de la Cruz. During this time, Doctor Wilson Popenoe started what is now the Lancetilla Botanical Garden, becoming the second most important botanical garden in the continent, since it houses tropical plants from all over the planet.

Sub-aquatic research was recently conducted in front of the community of San Juan to verify the presence of an elkhorn reef bank, and according to the studies, its status was rated as very good.

The Cusuco National Park is a beautiful natural space rich in biodiversity. Very close to the city, the park is located on the slopes of the Sierra del Merendón. Two hundred and seventy species of birds, 93 species of reptiles and amphibians, 35 species of bats, and a large number of mammal species have been monitored. You must not miss this.

Tela offers Garifuna communities, white sand beaches, and a variety of hotels, restaurants, and hidden places where nature can be appreciated, while you rest on a virgin and quiet beach.



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